Nevada’s First Certified Bee Hotel @ Galena


  • a thought by John Copoulos

    Would you be interested in doing a program at our rotary club carson city Tuesday’s at noon?Program time 20-25 min with 5 min questions. Email me if you are interested and I’ll send you open calendar dates and program info.

  • a thought by Clayton Vern Griffith

    Claudia and I are in Cold Springs. If our son, the owner of this property is ‘for’ this effort, we’d like to build a Bee Hotel on his acre + lot. Have you any information we could peruse? Thanks for your time, Claudia & Vern

  • a thought by admin

    Yes, we would love to help. Please call Sandy, the founder of Bee Habitat at 775 453 6120 and she would bee happy to help you. 😉

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