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Bee Hotels

Love my personal bee habitat! Hope to see you at Nada Dada again next year!

Posted by Stephanie Gorzalski on Monday, June 22, 2015

Help support Bee Habitat and our local pollinators.

reno garden art

$25 Bee Hotel for your garden! Made in Nevada.

Buy a pesticide free Insect / Bee Hotel for your yard.

Attracts sting-less bees and non aggressive bees, lady bugs and beneficial insects to your yard.

bee hotel


How to save the bees

Nevada Native Pollinators In Trouble

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How can you help protect our native pollinators?

1. Buy organic as often as you can. This reduces the pesticide loads in our communities, helping pollinators, pets and our children long term health.

2. Plant only organic Trees, Shrubs and Flowers. Ask for NEONIC free plants at your local or online garden shop.

3.  Install a bee habitat in your yard. Use native plants as well as pesticide free plants that bloom through out the growing season. Add lots of blues, purples, yellow colored flowers as bees are attracted to them best.

Want to do more to help protect our bees?

Start a phone tree and/or a Social Media blast party with friends and family.

Each person calls one neighbor and asks them if they know about the problem with our bees and other pollinators? Then share with them the 3 most important things they can do starting today to help save our bees.

Ask them to call the next person… This is a fast way to make a REAL DIFFERENCE in the lives of our children, pets and wildlife.

Thank you for your help!

Sandy Rowley



775 453 6120


Nevada’s First Bee/Insect Hotel at Galena Visitor Center

bee hotels 1

After months of work, we have our first certified Bee Habitat in place.

Please come out and help us complete the Bee Hotel.

We need the following donations:

– Terracotta or clay flower pots
– Roof tiling
– Honeycombed bricks
– Breakthroughs logs
– mixture of clay and straw
– hollow steams (reed, bamboo,)
– marrow steams (elderberry, blackberry, raspberry, buddleia, rosbrush)
– straw
– very close small boards of wood
– thin rope
– little woods boards (3’’)
– butterfly attractive
– stacked dead wood
– mud

Call Sandy at 775 453 6120 or Elrick at the number below with any questions.

Galena visitor center located at 18250 Mount Rose Highway, Reno, NV 89511
(775) 849-4948.

certified bee habitat



Bee Safe Pollinator Garden

bee signs
We are reviewing/considering moving forward with a pollinator garden at The Galena Visitor Center. Please find attached plans and information regarding this bee garden.
I feel we could create curriculum to tie into the bee garden and hotel that would enrich the existing programs, classes and events you host currently for The Great Basin Institute.
bee hotel 3
Thank you for working to help make Reno parks a safer environment for our community as well as local wildlife, bees and our pets.
Please find attached landscape plans for 3 pollinator friendly parks created by Jana Vanderhaar, Sandy Rowley, Linda Allison and other Bee Habitat volunteers.
stingless bees
We have a combined 40 years experience with organic and permaculture based landscaping services.
The existing plants are great foraging for pollinators and we plan to keep them in the garden. We will be adding complimentary plants
to fill in areas to prevent  weed growth and maximize existing visual appeal of the garden. *See attached list of
neonicotinoid free plants to be used in the new garden.
Please see attached 3 sample pollinator garden plans as ideas free to use as you wish.
Our goals are to weed the flower bed, then apply an organic compost tea before planting new flowers and shrubs.
After installing new plants, we will then apply a thick layer of composting materials. This will help minimize new weeds from taking
root. The compost tea along with organic mulch will help build the quality of the soil, thus fending off weed growth.
bee gardens 6
We would then install a stingless bee hotel as visual interest for the park. These bee hotels are for non aggressive solitary and stingless bees.
See sample bee hotels designs in this post.
create a bee hotel
Signage is an important part of the work, resources, money and time we are donating to the GBI. Pesticide Free Pollinator Garden by Bee Habitat, Great Basin Institute & Reno/Sparks Association of Realtors.  Please see attached and images below as examples.
signs for bees
Maintenance would require water and mulching 2 or 3 times a year.
Last but not least, the center would need to agree in writing to not use any chemicals in the management of this garden. This includes all pesticides, herbicides, slimicides, adulticides and the like.
bumble beees
Reno/Sparks Association of Realtor’s has expressed interest in helping maintain this garden if needed.
We would like to start in a week.  Hope to hear from you soon.
All the best,
Sandy Rowley
Bee Habitat
Reno/Sparks Association of Realtors
queen bee reno 2014

Create a Bee Habitat

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Bee Habitats goal is to build bee safe gardens, homes and habitats around the country. Enjoy some photos of bee you tiful bee habitats from the US. Please follow us on Pinterest and learn how you can help us create Bee Habitats around the world.

Did you know that ROUNDUP is killing our bees, birds and butterflies? Please plant more Milkweed and save our habitats!

Bee Habitat Guide. Download a FREE guide!


Follow Megastarmedia.com’s board Bees on Pinterest.


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insect hotel reno


bee hotels reno reno bee habitats bee house bee hotel morris reno nv


Make a Bee Hotel

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Bee hotels are similar to bird houses. We will have various bee hotels as well as roof top neonic bee safe plants and flowers.
Fairmont Hotels started the first “bee hotel” they have an adorable video below.
I would love to know if the plants on their roof tops are neonic free and/or organic too…but this is where we got the idea to have the same in Reno.
We are installing Reno’s first bee hotel on top of the Famous Burner Hotel.
Join us at a worker bee where we help you create your very own Bee Hotel for your home, apartment balcony or school.
Call Sandy to learn more 775 453 6120
original_custom-license-plate-roofed-bee-hotel images (1)

Reno’s First Bee Hotel!

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Reno’s First Bee Hotel

We have great news!

A local and very popular spot for creative souls in Reno Nevada, is opening a roof top bee hotel.

(A SECRET SURPRISE )  Hotel will bee sporting a roof top garden to help our local bees and pollinators.

Stay tuned to learn how you can BEE apart of Reno History.

Call Sandy 775 453 6120.