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Join 75 Concerned Reno Citizens at City Hall Wednesday 8th of June 2016

Join over 75 concerned Reno Citizens next Wednesday at Reno City Hall for Public Comment. See details below.

reno landscapingWe must stop this blatant use of cancer causing pesticides by the city, county and state. Help show your support for a local women who was sprayed in the face by a city employee who incorrectly applied toxic chemicals near her back yard. Read more on the pesticide trespass incident here on This Is Reno website. We have the tools and resources to manage land without toxic pesticides. Lets show Reno how much we care about our community. Please show up, email the council and mayor and /or use the public comment form below. 

Your voice matters, you and your family matter!

Plan on being at City Hall by 9:30 am to sign up for Public Comment. If your too shy, or cant make it that day, you can fill out the comment form and the council will read it for you.

View online form for public comment here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1eEpdAHtoOaTWCwikmiKygeqXiliROS_-UdYzzhgZm3o/viewform?c=0&w=1

Reno City Council meeting date/location:

Date: 06/08/2016 10:00 AM  (bee there 20 minutes early to get a seat and fill out comment form at front desk)
Location: Reno City Hall, Council Chambers
One East First Street
Reno, Nevada 89501

reno woman sprayed in face pesticides

Corey Frey – Reno Resident Sprayed in Face by City Employee spraying pesticides.

Residents near Keystone Avenue are mad about a recent incident in which the City of Reno was spraying weeds.

Cory Frey says that she was hit in the face with weed killer that the City was spraying near her backyard.

“I was sprayed with a fine mist in the face and on my body,” she said. “The symptoms I experienced after the spraying were, my eyes were stinging–subsequently, I didn’t develop natural tears for about two days in my eyes–a headache came on within about five minutes of exposure, and then (I had) some coughing and respiratory irritation. Read full article here.

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organic lawn care

City of Reno Pesticide Free Parks

Reno Nevada Working towards Pesticide free!

Sandy Rowley, a local activist, worked for the better part of a year to educate local authorities on pollinator friendly alternatives to managing school playgrounds, parks and public spaces.

She secured a national non profit, Beyond Pesticides and their experts in organic land care to train over 45 municipalities throughout Northern Nevada. KUNR Story here.

Currently we have these locations in a transition period for organic land care:

State Capitol Building for Nevada

State Legislature Nevada

3 large use public parks in Carson City Nevada

13 large use parks in Reno Nevada

2 large use parks in Sparks Nevada

1 Elementary School in Sparks Nevada

1 Elementary School in Fernley Nevada

Working on 60 schools in the state of Wisconsin

Mt. Rose Pesticide Free Pollinator Corridor

Washoe Valley Pesticide Free Pollinator Corridor

and several other pesticide free and organic land care projects in the works.

Sandy Rowley is an independent contractor available for hire to create pollinator friendly marketing initiatives, education, public speaking and healthy partnerships to create sustainable eco systems. 775 453 6120

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Roundup & Other Weed Killers are killing our butterflies, earth worms and our soil!

reno parks posion

“Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts,” Richard Feynman famously declared in 1966. Ever quick to challenge accepted wisdom, he distinguished the laudable ignorance of science, forever seeking unattainable certainties, from the dangerous ignorance of experts who professed such certainty.

Twenty years later, he would drop a rubber ring into a glass of ice water to show a panel of clueless rocket experts how willful ignorance of basic temperature effects likely caused the Challenger shuttle disaster (1).

Experts with delusions of certainty create imitative forms of science, he warned, producing “the kind of tyranny we have today in the many institutions that have come under the influence of pseudoscientific advisors.” (2)

Poison Spring-Valllianatos

Feynman’s warning against faith in the phony trappings of “cargo cult science” fell on deaf ears. Policies affecting every aspect of our lives are now based on dangerous forms of ignorance.



Tomemos un descanso. disfrutemos de la naturaleza.

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Our Agenda for Washoe County

Meeting with local park officials Tuesday Aug 26th 2014.
Coming up next for Bee Habitat, next week, we are meeting with the City of Reno and Washoe County park officials to discuss converting all public parks to a pesticide free park plan.
When?       Aug 26th 2014 @ 1:30
Where?    Washoe County Community Services Department      @                        3101 Longley Lane, Reno Nevada
Who?       City of Reno, Washoe County Park Officials & Bee Habitat                                        Volunteers
Why?       Discuss converting all public parks to pesticide free
What are we asking from Reno and Washoe county parks department? 

We are asking for Pesticide Free Parks, Bee Habitats throughout the city and transparency in regards to what, where, who, why, when and how much does it cost (or who got paid how much) to treat with pesticides in Washoe County and City of Reno Nv. 

1. We need to know what is being sprayed, where, why, when, by who and how much? this information needs to be public and shared between each department and the public online. can easily be added to an online map where the public and local authorities can better track the life of these chemicals in our water, land and public areas.

2. We need protected areas at city and county parks that are pesticide free. marked as such. this needs to be an ordinance and/or law.

3. Notification alert system:  when a chemical is going to be used: we need to know when, why, where, who, how much? sent via email, text, phone call and/or with media outlets. 

4.  What date can we start phasing out pesticides? what park will be the first park we convert? how can this be an ordinance/law for Washoe County?

– current trees, shrubs, plants, bushes, flowers that are GMO and/or roundup ready in public areas.

– name of vendor they buy plants, chemicals, supplies from with yearly budget of department.

– how long have they used these pesticides? is their historical data online?

We must use BEE Safe plants as not all are safe.

As always, call anytime with questions.

All the best,
Sandy Rowley
775 453 6120