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Pollinator Corridor & Art Gardens throughout Reno Nevada!

Convert Unsightly Vacant Lots in Reno to Pollinator Art Garden Walking Tours

The City of Reno currently has hundreds of vacant lots being managed on city budget. We are working to create a beautiful and creative use for these properties… a city wide pollinator corridor with native, USDA Certified organic flowers, trees & shrubs as well as one unique art sculpture for each park! (Yes, there is a difference in USDA Certified organic flowers versus the conventionally grown flowers laced with bee killing pesticides) Reno is Art Town and these beautiful art gardens will continue to add flavor, style and passion to once vacated and unsightly parts of the city. These Art gardens do not require huge budgets to maintain as they are designed to be self sustaining.


Why Art Garden Walking Tours in Reno?

Eco tourism is one of the fastest growing segments in tourism. These pollinator corridors will create beautiful spaces that protect habitat for native pollinators as well as add interest to otherwise blighted areas within the city.  At each of these mini parks, we would like to feature one sculpture piece along with signage educating public on organic land management practices as well as listing the sponsors and supporters of this collaborative project. Tourist attractions in the US generate millions of dollars per year for local economies. Out of all the top attractions in the US, over 80% of them are state parks, open spaces and gardens.

Eco tourism generates over, $900 BILLION annually and is the fastest growing segment in tourism. Over 90% of American tourists expect active protection of environment in the cities they visit. source responsibletravel.org

reno vacant lots

From empty, trash filled vacant lots too beautiful art pieces that create a sense of community for humans and pollinators alike.


Currently, the City of Reno has over a thousand vacant lots, hundreds are available to buy or lease. We would love to see the city and/or a large organization manage these eco-toursim parks. Who could you recommend that could help get this dream of the ground? We have spoken with several leaders in our community all of which were excited about the idea. We need further guidance on how best to achieve this.

We have organic landscape designers, architects and land planners within the group who have years of experience in creating self sustaining and eye catching designs that ensure minimal maintenance, water and pest management. A healthy eco system requires up to 90% less water than a conventional  (conventional = use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides) managed pieces of land.

With a little elbow grease and common sense, we could really create something special to add to the thriving art scene in Reno.


Would you like to Bee a part of this beeYoutiful project for Reno? Call Sandy Rowley at 775 453 6120 or email her sandy @ bee habitat . com  We need sculptures, gardeners, marketers and any other do’ers you can think of. 🙂 

A BIG THANK YOU to local Bronze Artist Mischell Riley for donating a beautiful sculpture for one of the art gardens in Reno!

*Remember to buy certified organic seeds & plants to help save our bees & pollinators. Learn more on how seeds & plants, even pollinator friendly plants are killing bees: http://www.foe.org/system/storage/877/60/a/3130/Gardeners_beware_report_8-13-13_final_updated.pdf

View sculptures and pollinator friendly flowers, trees and shrubs for our local area in Reno Nevada : https://www.pinterest.com/savethebeesnow/pollinator-sculpture-parks/

The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall. Cutting flower garden. Cornflower, Centaurea cyanus with Cosmos

The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall. Cutting flower garden. Cornflower, Centaurea cyanus with Cosmos

pollinator gardens reno nv



reno art sculptures reno nv sculpture parks


We would like to partner with local artists, organizations and the city to create a vibrant eco attraction that benefits nature and people by putting to good use, vacant lots, artistic talent and the ingenuity of devoted and passionate members of our community.


The following people have voiced their support, excitement and devotion to help make this project a success.


Naomi Duerr – Reno City Council

Christine Fey – Reno City Arts

Mischell Riley – Bronze Artist

Lori Miles, SR/WA Property Program Technician/Public Works

Jana Vanderhaar – Landscape Architect Verdant Connections

Michelle Hunt – US Fish & Wildlife

Gwen Bourne – Galena Visitor Center & Great Basin Institute

Mellissa Gilbert – Wild Honey Home Arts

Gina Russo – Permaculture & Organic Educator

Beyond Pesticides – National Non Profit

Barbara Rainey – Pollinator supporter

Ann and Curt Yow – Local wildlife advocates

Joel Lippart – Local organic garden and pollinator enthusiast

Linda Allison – Local organic land care specialist

Jill Marlene – Local vocalist, artists and advocate for the bees

Pat Campbell-Cozzi – Owner of Wildflower Village and local Pollinator Habitat

Diego Hernandez-Chavarin – Local organic land care

Mary Macdonald – Local artist and pollinator advocate

Jessica Williams – Local apiary/pollinator landscape designer

Daniela Sonnino – KOH Radio Host


View more city parks and sculptures from around the world as well as plants that are suitable to our environment here: https://www.pinterest.com/savethebeesnow/pollinator-sculpture-parks/











Sandy Rowley


beyond pesticides

Pesticide Free Parks in Northern Nevada and Beyond!

beyond pesticides

news reno pesticides
Reported by: Jaime Hayden

City of Reno beginning pesticide free pilot program

RENO, Nev. (MyNews4.com & KRNV) — A pesticide free training took place at Reno City Hall Tuesday. City officials learned alternative ways to keep Reno parks green, but with more natural products.

“We just want to get out ahead of the curve, to the extent we can, and protect our citizens,” said Reno Councilwoman Naomi Duerr.

The city of Reno is implementing a pesticide free pilot program at Reno parks. “We have 86 parks in Reno and what we are doing is moving out with 12 of them on a trial basis, experimental basis, to see if we can go pesticide free.”

Instead, parks will use more natural soil. Duerr believes the program is vital to our community. “We’re learning more about the impacts of chemicals both on our soil and on people, we want our parks to be as welcoming and safe as possible, and it’s a city council initiative.”

Duerr says the main goal of the program is to make Reno parks safer and more natural for kids to play in. “I think that would be wonderful, if they can find a way to do it more naturally and keep our parks still green and playable with playable surfaces, I think that would be wonderful,” said local mom Morningstar Helvey.

Beyond Pesticides, a non-profit group, explained to officials about the dangers of using chemicals. “We’re concerned about elevated rates of asthma in children and learning disabilities, and autism and long term effects such as cancer,” said Jay Feldman.

read full article on News 4 website here: http://www.mynews4.com/news/local/story/City-of-Reno-beginning-pesticide-free-pilot/DjzP_8LT6kStMYejN8ruOQ.cspx


Bee’s stunned and dying after corn field treated with deadly NEONICS

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Bees and Neonicotinoid Corn

this video from a large apiary (1,300+ hives) in Minnesota is going to turn up the heat exponentially on Monsanto and the EPA relative to the effects of neonicontinoids on bees and the need to immediately ban these substances as they have recently done in Europe. Please share the video far and wide–I have no doubt that efforts will be made to remove it….. …these hives are owned by Steve Ellis who serves as Secretary of the National HoneyBee Advisory Board. His credentials speaks volumes. A nearby farm planted corn a few days later and the dust – presumably clothianidin (used on 90%+ of American corn as seed treatment) blew around and contaminated willows and other plants the bees were foraging on. The kill started on May 7th and Steve is still waiting results of tests. He is certain it was the neonics in the corn planted dust. This, folks, it what you call a “game-changer.” The credentials of the owner, the timing of the planting, and the video record of the effects on the bees will forever change the argument about neonicotinoids and their effects on bees…..


Vote for Bees!

i voted for the bees

We are buzzing with excitement!

Bee Habitat is one of 3 top finalist in the Reno Realtor’s Build a Better Block project.

vote bees 2014

Realtor’s Build a Better Block is a project of the Reno/Sparks Association of REALTORS designed to transform a current public space into a place for the community to gather and to offer a positive cultural or economic impact on the community. Bee Habitat is currently working on converting 28 parks in Reno and Sparks to be safe for pets, children and our native pollinators. Our soon to bee pesticide free parks will help reduce the pesticide/chemical load on our wildlife and our children.

reno bee party

Join us to help make a positive difference for our family, friends and community in Washoe County and BeeYond! Check out the bee YOU tiful plants and flowers we are working with at our first Pesticide FREE Reno Park here: http://www.pinterest.com/nataqua/idlewild-park-pollinator-garden/


Vote today here: http://www.rsar.net/PublicWelcome/realtors-build-a-better-block/rbbb-community-vote

vote for bees reno nevada

Sandy Rowley

Bee Habitat Founder