Non Toxic Pest Control

NON TOXIC PEST CONTROL RECOMMENDATIONS Here are some pest tips you can use around your house and in your house without using any toxic pesticides.  None of these pests, or most other pests, require the regular spraying of pesticides by an exterminator. Want more tips on Organic Pest Control? You can easily do your own… Read More »

Invisible Bug Bite Syndrome?

Although some large medical sites claim that IBBS is a psychological syndrome, science now knows the real culprit, pesticides, GMO foods and other environmental exposures. Read further to find relief. IBBS is real and a serious medical issue. This is very long and you may not want to bother with it.  It is about Invisible… Read More »

Poison Hemlock Rash

What does a Poison Hemlock rash look like? Some of the common symptoms of Poison Hemlock poisoning are : Nausea Confusion Sweating Shallow Breathing Losing Consciousness Poison Hemlock rash could start out as a lite red rash and expand to a large area that burns when exposed to sunlight. What are some of the common… Read More »

Pest Control for Mice

MICE PEST CONTROL NEAR ME The deer mouse is one of the most common rodent species found throughout most of the United States . They are 4” – 9” long, are reddish-brown in color with a white chest, white feet, and a bi-colored tail: brown on top and white on bottom. Their natural habitat is… Read More »

Bed Bug Pest Control

BED BUGS CAN BE SAFELY CONTROLLED AND MANAGED AT HOME AND IN COMMERCIAL SETTINGS… Although bed bugs are a major problem in some urban areas and hotels, the good news is that they don’t carry any diseases. Some people don’t even know they are getting bitten.  When my wife gets bitten she breaks out in… Read More »

Mosquitos Pest Control

Safe & Reliable Control of MOSQUITOS I would like to express my opinion on mosquito spraying. First, the mosquitoes that vector WNV are in the genus Culex and these mosquitoes are poor fliers.  If  you find them in a mosquito trap by a pond, they aren’t going to fly very far and bite people unless… Read More »

Eco Friendly Control of Cockroaches

COCKROACHES   You can help prevent cockroaches from coming into your home by inspecting all incoming food products, all boxes, and any used furniture or appliances for the presence of cockroaches or their egg capsules.  Do not store paper bags anywhere in the kitchen.  Seal any holes or crevices around plumbing under sinks and behind… Read More »

Shocking Pest Control Myths

PEST CONTROL MYTHOLOGY The pest control industry isn’t as it really seems or how it wants you to believe it is.   In many cases, companies just spray baseboards around the inside of a house on a monthly schedule and call that pest control.  That is a gimmick and is not pest control, it is pesticide… Read More »

Kissing Bugs Organic Pest Management

KISSING BUGS Kissing bugs are in the news and I want to give you some info on them. They are mostly in the news because of the potential to spread Chagas disease. We do need to be aware of kissing bugs, AKA conenose bugs, assassin bugs and Mexican bedbugs. A bite from one of these… Read More »

Pest Management for Coyotes

ECO SAFE PEST MANAGEMENT FOR COYOTES Coyotes feed primarily on rodents, squirrels and other small animals. They may feed on a larger animal if it is dead or severely hurt from something else and can’t defend itself. When we go out and kill coyotes for the fun of it, which is ridiculous, we are creating… Read More »