Honeybee Re-locator Services

Today was a super busy and exciting day. A sweet couple in Carson City Nevada called asking for help with the swarms of honeybees that were hanging out in their backyard. There must of been at least 30,000 honeybees hanging in their pine tree. Two huge honeybee swarms were swaying in the tree just a… Read More »

Become a Honeybee Sponsor

Thank you for sponsoring the relocation of honeybees in Northern Nevada. We worker bees work hard to relocate the hundreds of bee swarms and honeybees hives in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Tahoe and other Northern Nevada cities. We volunteer our time, expertise, gas money, wear and tear on our vehicles and safety gear for hundreds… Read More »

Bee Handler Services in Reno

Honeybees and all pollinators need our help to survive. Relocating honeybees is the safest and most humane way of protecting them this Spring. Most exterminators in Reno are realizing this and will not spray to kill honeybees. This is a huge win for pollinators in Northern Nevada and the world at large. Call one of… Read More »

How To Go Organic

Bee Habitat featured in Edible Tahoe Magazine! DROPPING THE BOMB This spring, learn how to avoid using synthetic chemicals in your yard (and community), and why it’s important. WRITTEN BY NATASHA BOURLIN ILLUSTRATION BY LILY THERENS Particularly in the spring, a plethora of chemicals is used daily by everyone from landscape and construction company workers… Read More »

Best Weed and Brush Killer

WEEDS (Organic Weed Management is the way to go folks) This is interesting and important.  When I was driving recently, I saw a fellow spraying weeds.  I won’t say who it was, but I did contact the organization doing the spraying.  I stopped and asked the fellow what he was doing.  This is our conversation”… Read More »

Organic Tick Control

TICKS Organic Control Ticks are not insects.  They are arachnids belonging to the group – mites.  They are bigger than all other mites and they are very important.  There are hundreds of species of ticks in the world and they are capable of spreading more than 65 diseases, many of them serious.  Lyme disease, Rocky… Read More »

Prairie Dog Problems

Do you have Prairie dogs in your yard? Prairie dogs are social squirrels with short little tails and who like to sit upright near their burrows.  They are very social and have a very elaborate communication system.  The chirp-like sounds they  make will not only identify potential predators like coyotes, hawks, and humans, but they… Read More »

Alternatives to Pesticides and Herbicides

Why I train people from around the world on PESTICIDE Alternatives Let me tell you my experience with pesticides and why I am totally against them now. I started in the pest industry in Florida in 1972. We used to drive cars and not trucks and keep all the chemicals on the front seat next… Read More »

Bee Habitat

How to create a safe Bee Habitat in your own yard Step 1 to create a Bee Habitat Look for areas in your yard that can be left over grown and wild. Why? Honey bees, native sting-less bees and other friendly pollinators need safe places to hide from predators. They also need tall grasses to… Read More »

Non Toxic Pest Control

NON TOXIC PEST CONTROL RECOMMENDATIONS Here are some pest tips you can use around your house and in your house without using any toxic pesticides.  None of these pests, or most other pests, require the regular spraying of pesticides by an exterminator. Want more tips on Organic Pest Control? You can easily do your own… Read More »

Invisible Bug Bite Syndrome?

Although some large medical sites claim that IBBS is a psychological syndrome, science now knows the real culprit, pesticides, GMO foods and other environmental exposures. Read further to find relief. IBBS is real and a serious medical issue. This is very long and you may not want to bother with it.  It is about Invisible… Read More »

Mosquitos Pest Control

Safe & Reliable Control of MOSQUITOS I would like to express my opinion on mosquito spraying. First, the mosquitoes that vector WNV are in the genus Culex and these mosquitoes are poor fliers.  If  you find them in a mosquito trap by a pond, they aren’t going to fly very far and bite people unless… Read More »

Eco Friendly Control of Cockroaches

COCKROACHES   You can help prevent cockroaches from coming into your home by inspecting all incoming food products, all boxes, and any used furniture or appliances for the presence of cockroaches or their egg capsules.  Do not store paper bags anywhere in the kitchen.  Seal any holes or crevices around plumbing under sinks and behind… Read More »