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Pesticide Trespassing

Stories of Chemical Trespass Stories of Chemical Trespass NEW: “Poisoned Roads” The story of how rural residents of northern Klamath County were doused with a deadly pesticide in 2010. Produced by Lisa Arkin and Douglas McGowan. Helen Hollyer (Helen lives near Creswell, OR in the Willamette Valley) Stories of Chemical Trespass: Orville and Mary Camp (Orville… Read More »

You might see it all pass you by…

Rachelle Van Zanten – My Country (Official Video) from Taylor F. on Vimeo. My Country – Rachelle Van Zanten Hey there mister, take a good look at my country It’s the natural bona fide high When you look up from the numbers on your paper You might see Yakista pass you by You might see it all… Read More »

300,00 deaths per year Pesticides in USA!

“The total number of pesticide poisonings in the United States is estimated to be 300,000/year) (EPA, 1992).” -The incidence of cancer in the US ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 cases per year. If the incidence of cancer among Latino farm workers per year were applied to the rest of the US population, there would be… Read More »

Our Agenda for Washoe County

Meeting with local park officials Tuesday Aug 26th 2014. Coming up next for Bee Habitat, next week, we are meeting with the City of Reno and Washoe County park officials to discuss converting all public parks to a pesticide free park plan. When?       Aug 26th 2014 @ 1:30 Where?    Washoe County Community Services Department      @… Read More »

For the Media

Please call or email anytime with questions, as I would love to help. 775 453 6120 or sandy @  bee habitat . com   all one one.  goals for Washoe County, and bee-yond. 1. Install bee safe gardens with out neonic treated seeds/plants and /or maintenance. 2. Install bee hotels on top of large… Read More »

Meeting with City of Reno and Washoe County

Here is a short agenda of the items I will discuss tonight: Please RSVP to meet with us at: 1:30, August 26, 3101 Longley Lane, Reno. Call 775 453 6120.  Pesticide Free Parks Group document you can add to here: What are we asking from Reno and Washoe county parks department? We are asking for Pesticide… Read More »

Can we grow our economy, like forever?

“we are using up all our natural resources…” We need a sustainable model for growth, or we are on a fast track to destruction. New economic model needed not relentless consumer demand Capitalism can dramatically improve living standards but it’s also built on the assumed insatiability of human need – instead we need a more… Read More »

Make a Bee Hotel

Bee hotels are similar to bird houses. We will have various bee hotels as well as roof top neonic bee safe plants and flowers. Fairmont Hotels started the first “bee hotel” they have an adorable video below. I would love to know if the plants on their roof tops are neonic free and/or organic too…but… Read More »