Bee Activists

By | August 11, 2014

Every day, find a way, to do one small or BIG thing for the bees. We would love to see your photos, videos, news articles and advice on how we all can do our part to bring awareness to 8% of the population.

Why only 8% you ask? 8% is the number of people it takes to make an idea spread like wild fire. Contact us on Facebook and share your story!

500-mile hike to raise awareness of plight affecting pollinators

Tony Singh and his daughter Moselle show off a map of the Colorado Trail that they will hike to raise awareness about bees and how their survival is linked to that of humans. They also will collect pledges for educational programs in the Quad-Cities to teach the importance of pollinators and what humans can do to improve their habitat. Read more on how they are saving our bees here. Save the Bees Reno walk August 16th 2014 Reno Nv Idlewild Park Radio Interview

One thought on “Bee Activists

  1. Bassm

    while I believe that bees and all polaonltirs are in trouble, climate change is less an issue. if its too cold for bees its usually too cold for the plants they pollinate to flower. a bigger issue is extreme heat drying nectar and pollen off the flowers. some flowers of some species always bud earlier, but the plants that are destined to survive will be the ones there when the bees are, their genes will continue, nature is no one is mentioning moths not so pretty or noticed but also polaonltirs. also affected by chemicals. my pumpkin flowers were decimated by ants!! last year before the bees could get to the new flowers the ants were removing the pollen right down to the stamen tops. never seen that happen before. another important point is that all european and usa (apart from rare organic breeders) use chem IN the hives against varroa and antibiotics as par for course, none of which is smart for the bees long term viability. while they tend to kill the hives in Canad, and buy in new queens, they also reuse the pre poisoned boxes, even if? they use new wax and frames..also theres a BIG trend to plastic frames, a bad bad idea, no research on the chem leaching from them I have found. Irradiating to kill bugs and viruses doesnt remove chem, may? make it worse?? moving bees vast disatances to pollinate Monocrops like almonds with little nectar and nutrition in the pollen for them , adding HFCS and soy , both GM derived as a supplement nope! not good again.

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