Create a Bee Habitat

By | August 25, 2014

Bee Habitats goal is to build bee safe gardens, homes and habitats around the country. Enjoy some photos of bee you tiful bee habitats from the US. Please follow us on Pinterest and learn how you can help us create Bee Habitats around the world.

Did you know that ROUNDUP is killing our bees, birds and butterflies? Please plant more Milkweed and save our habitats!

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One thought on “Create a Bee Habitat

  1. Brad Grimm

    I was blown away by a statement I heard, read or watched this year. Someone said that if there was one acre of milkweed flowering next to one acre of a blooms that honey bees commonly pollinate. The honey bees polinating the milkweed would produce 35 pounds of honey verses 13 pounds of honey at the normal field. I have never had milkweed honey but I bet it’s delicious.

    Milkweed is great for more than just honey bees. All pollinators visit milkweed blooms. I have a bee hotel and milkweed. I love bees!

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