Bee Apart of History. Pollinator Sanctuary & Community Gardens.🌻🌻🌻

We have found the best property for the needs of our pollinators a beautiful 10 acre property 1 hour east of Reno.

Would LOVE your help in Establishing an organic pollinator sanctuary in Northern Nevada. Organic, Bio-dynamic gardens. Although there are large and beautiful community flower gardens in the Reno area, none of them are using POLLINATOR friendly gardening practices. πŸ˜” They are using the very pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that are KNOWN to kill, pollinators.

☺️We are creating a BEAUTIFUL oasis of organic forage for pollinators and a healing sanctuary for the community, free from cancer causing chemicals…A truly organic sanctuary garden. πŸ’•

We are raising $65,000 to help purchase land in the Reno Nevada area. We are looking for at least 2 acres of land. We need a well, septic, power as well as structures built.


These are the items we are purchasing in order to create a beautiful flower garden for pollinators and our community:


Irrigation system.

Organic Soil, Compost, Fertilizers.

Organic and/or native:

  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Bulbs
  • Seeds
  • Flowers

Once we have the perfect spot picked out, we will be reaching out to those who have irrigation experience and/or local landscaping businesses who are committed to providing sustainable landscaping services. Currently we know of a few local landscape architects who provide organic and sustainable landscaping services, so appreciate any ideas you have on how to reach landscapers who would want to donate their time and resources to install a drip system on 2 acres of land.

Reno Flowers
Bee apart of Herstory…

We are looking for suggestions on a name for the sanctuary as well. Feel free to comment ideas below.

The Pollinator Sanctuary will provide the following to the community:

Events, classes, Meditation retreats. Gorgeous views of the ever changing colors of trees, shrubs and flowers. Weddings and special events as well as a place to come for peaceful and inspiring landscapes.

All while healing the land and her inhabitants.
Reno’s ONLY ORGANIC BIO-DYNAMIC pollinator sanctuary.


Items will will need to pull this off!

  1. at least 2 acres of land.
  2. irrigation drip system for 1 – 2 acres.
  3. usda certified organic plants, seeds, bulbs.
  4. usda certified organic soil/compost.
  5. large event space built.
  6. pavers.
  7. water features.
  8. lighting.
  9. signage.
  10. native trees and other plants.
  11. volunteers.
  12. backhoe.
  13. garden tools.
  14. baskets.
  15. organic fertilizers.
  16. security.
  17. fencing.
  18. video cameras for security.
  19. solar power.
  20. tiny house for onsite staff to live in.
  21. amphitheater for plays, concerts and workshops.