Bee Habitat aims to have thousands of BEE SAFE gardens throughout the world. Bee and local pollinator die offs are an alarming fact we all need to address. Complaining helps so much, action is required to make the HUGE changes that need to happen immediately.

“If you can’t fly then run; if you can’t run
then walk; if you can’t walk then crawl;
but whatever you do, you have to
keep moving forward.
 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ontario beekeeper David Schuit recently reported the death of over 37 million bees (approximately 600 hives) during the month of June.

…in the USA bees and native pollinators are facing challenges at every turn

This announcement came just two weeks after theunexpected death of over 25,000 bumblebees in the parking lot of the Wilsonville, Ore., Target.

Portland Oregon then instated a city wide BAN ON BEE KILLING NEONICS. Spokane Washington join this growing trend soon after. Neonicotinoids are only part of the problem. Sandy Rowley with Reno, Nv Save the Bees Reno project learned that her local Washoe County Health Department was secretly treated the Washoe County area with a deadly adulticide.

“This is OVER KILL. We do not need our county health officials spraying for an epidemic that does not exist!” Sandy Rowley with Channel 8 News Reno Nv.

These chemicals kill all pollinators with one treatment. Adulticide is shown to be ineffective at controlling adult mosquito population, but remains a top priority with local vector born departments across the country.

Larvacide is the preferred treatment for West Nile virus, but is more costly than the deadly counter part that is often used. Children, elderly and people with compromised immune systems are affected by the deadly adulticides.

“In this time of emerging mosquito-borne diseases and of greater
understanding of the negative impacts of pesticides, we are
dealing with two public health issues. One is the threat of
mosquito-borne diseases, such as West Nile virus (WNv), and
the other is the wide scale exposure of the public to hazardous
pesticides used to combat mosquito-borne threats. In too
many municipalities across the country, there are inadequate
mosquito management policies in place. In some cases, a
coherent management plan does not even exist.”

source for over kill use of pesticides

Our MISSION is an ever evolving one.

1. Ban the use of NEONICS on all public lands.

2. Create BEE SAFE gardens around the world.

3. Educate millions on proper actions to take to save the bees.

4. Implement a nation wide alert system via phone, text, email and media. NO SPRAY ZONES ALERT NOTIFICATION SYSTEM.

5. Help Bee Activist with marketing, training, events and tools to help save the bees.

6.  World wide map and directory of BEE SAFE gardens, supplies, seeds, starts and suppliers.

7. Bee Crawl and Bee Ball fund raisers to help BEE activists spread the word and motivate millions to take action.

8. Share resources, classes, events and tools to share the wealth of knowledge required to motivate 8% of the worlds population to take action.

Sandy Rowley

Founder, Bee Habitat

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