Bees and Neonicotinoid Corn

A large apiary (1,300+ hives) in Minnesota is going to turn up the heat exponentially on Monsanto and the EPA relative to the effects of neonicontinoids on bees and the need to immediately ban these substances as they have recently done in Europe. What is killing our bees?

Please share the video far and wide–I have no doubt that efforts will be made to remove it….. …these hives are owned by Steve Ellis who serves as Secretary of the National HoneyBee Advisory Board. His credentials speak volumes. A nearby farm planted corn a few days later and the dust – presumably clothianidin (used on 90%+ of American corn as seed treatment) blew around and contaminated willows and other plants the bees were foraging on.

The kill started on May 7th and Steve is still waiting for results of tests. He is certain it was the neonics in the corn-planted dust. This, folks, it what you call a “game-changer.” The credentials of the owner, the timing of the planting, and the video record of the effects on the bees will forever change the argument about neonicotinoids and their effects on bees…..