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Honeybee Re-locator Services

Today was a super busy and exciting day. A sweet couple in Carson City Nevada called asking for help with the swarms of honeybees that were hanging out in their backyard. There must of been at least 30,000 honeybees hanging in their pine tree. Two huge honeybee swarms were swaying in the tree just a… Read More »

Become a Honeybee Sponsor

Thank you for sponsoring the relocation of honeybees in Northern Nevada. We worker bees work hard to relocate the hundreds of bee swarms and honeybees hives in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Tahoe and other Northern Nevada cities. We volunteer our time, expertise, gas money, wear and tear on our vehicles and safety gear for hundreds… Read More »

Bee Handler Services in Reno

Honeybees and all pollinators need our help to survive. Relocating honeybees is the safest and most humane way of protecting them this Spring. Most exterminators in Reno are realizing this and will not spray to kill honeybees. This is a huge win for pollinators in Northern Nevada and the world at large. Call one of… Read More »

Patagonia : Unbroken Ground Film

View Organic Food Composting event happening August 31st 2017 here! The organic food movement is growing to meet the demand for healthy, non gmo foods, sustainable practices and regenerative farming. Over 90% of customers prefer foods grown without the use of toxic pesticides, fertilizers and/or unhealthy farming practices. Patagonia has stepped up to the plate… Read More »

Become a Good Beekeeper – Jacqueline Freeman

Colony Collapse Disorder solved. Well, I guess it’s been solved all along. The organic beekeepers experienced little, if any colony collapse disorder. Happy bees. Jacqueline Freeman is the author of an upcoming book “Bees, the OTHER Way”. She points out the different strategies that conventional bee keepers might try to save their hives from colony… Read More »

Getting Good Things Done For Nevadans – A Year in Review

Thank you for wanting to learn more about Bee Habitat and our work. Our intentions are to save our pollinators, reduce pesticides and their affects on our health as well as pets and wildlife. We have accomplished a great deal in a relatively short amount of time. Most of the work we do involves a… Read More »

Bee Habitats

Did you know that most flowers and plants at your local garden shop have been contaminated by bee killing neonics? Most garden shops and nursuries treat their plants with a form of systemic herbicide or pesticide that stays with the plants for up to 4 years. You cannot wash this chemical off. When a bee,… Read More »