Pollinators are in serious trouble and YOU can help save them. Did you know that every seed, tree, plant, bush and flower you buy is treated with a long lasting pesticide that you cannot wash off?

Crazy huh? How could your local garden shop advertise “Come and get your bee/pollinator friendly plants” while knowing those “bee-friendly” plants are treated with neonics?

pollinator friendly flowers

What are we to do?

Buy USDA certified organic plants and seeds. Neonicotinoids, the long lasting deadly pesticide, is not allowed in the organic system. So, when looking for plants and seeds, also look for that USDA Organic logo to bee sure the plant is safe for you pollinators.

bee habitat

There are another organic plant/seed certifiers.  Look for these logos as well:

The top organic certifier in the country is CCOF. View their online directory of organic farms and resources: https://www.ccof.org/directory

certified organic plants

Other organic certifiers include:

baro logo

vermont organic oregon tilthe omri organic

Looking for certified organic and pollinator friendly plants for your pollinator friendly yard? Click onto our link here @ bee habitat and view Pinterest pins with beautiful ideas for your bee habitat.