Please call or email anytime with questions, as I would love to help. 775 453 6120 or sandy @  bee habitat . com   all one  goals for Washoe County, and bee-yond.1. Install bee safe gardens with out neonic treated seeds/plants and /or maintenance.2. Install bee hotels on top of large buildings in Reno ….3. Education / classes on natural or organic gardening and where to buy BEE SAFE plants. Most garden shops sell plants/flowers/trees/shrubs treated with the 4 year neonic. NBC news video here: Implement a NO SPRAY ZONE. Washoe County Health department to advertise and follow their own guidelines for spraying adulticide. alert system.5. A public website that shows on a map, date, time and what exact chemicals and amounts were sprayed when and why and where.6. Local garden shops to label what plants and flowers are safe for pollinators.7. Set up bee safe communities and buffer zones for our bee keepers. their bees pollinate up to 3 miles from their farm, home and hive…so, if home owners, apartments, schools are spraying with neonics and round up, this affects their honey. most honey has pesticide residuals. find links here to learn more about our bee die offs and what is needed implemented asap to help reverse this trend. 1 BILLION POUNDS of pesticides sprayed annually in the US. news article:No longer buzzworthyA search for the birds and the bees bee die-offs continuing in Oregon longer a mystery, why bees are dying into the illegal weed spraying last week in Reno: Bill passed:  please search pollinators. to pesticides can be a serious health concern, particularly for vulnerable populations such as children, or workers and farmers who have the potential for significant chronic exposure. The scientific literature suggests a variety of adverse health outcomes among persons withchronic pesticide exposures. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, approximately 2.5 million workers are employed in agriculture, and they are potentially exposed to numerouspesticides–herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fumigants, and growth regulators. The EPA estimates that tens of thousands of acute illnesses occur annually to agricultural workers as a result of occupational exposure to pesticides. Pesticides have been reported to cause dermatitis,respiratory irritation, neurological dysfunction through cholinesterase inhibition, and death due to acute poisoning. of people are killed or hospitalized every year in the USA for pesticide related illnesses, thousands more are sent to the hospital withasthma or allergy related emergencies most of which never knew that their local health department sprayed the day before with deadlychemicals for west nile virus. In the US alone, less than 300 people died from WNV …. WNV affects people with life threatening diseases like aids, cancer or who are already in hospice care. Average people who get WNV fight off the flu bug in about 5 – 10 days…flu symptoms. I have asked the county for data and statistics on local deaths and hospitalizations for WNV and pesticide use with no luck.WCHD is giving on average less than 11 hours notice to all beekeepers and people with immune problems. I was told 3 days before their last spray, that they alerted all beekeepers and people on their list. they only have a few people on the list.  We found over 24 beekeepers the night before the spray were never contacted by WCHD.Please review our Summary of Action Items requested for Washoe County and the City of Reno.