gmo free halloween reno

We are working on Reno’s First GMO FREE HALLOWEEN FOR 2014.

Would you like to bee apart of Reno History?

Join the fun with the crazy Bee Habitat team and make 2014 a safe, healthy and fun Halloween for our community.

Call Sandy to bee-come a Bee Habitat volunteer.

We are working on fun, helpful and great things for Reno and Northern Nevada.

* GMO Free Halloween

* Reno BEE Crawl

* Bee Habitats: Yard of the month, Pesticide Free Parks and Bee Hotel Parties

* Meetings with local authorities that motivates them to help make our parks, land, air and water healthier.

* Pot lucks and networking

Join the 145+ Bee Habitat Warriors today by calling Sandy (Queen Bee) @ 775 453 6120 or send her an email and share how you would like to bee apart of this positive change for our community. sandy   @   bee  habitat  .com

Check out the Facebook Event page for the event here:


How do GMO’s hurt bees?

1. GMO’s are modified in a lab. They are created to bee able to handle huge amounts of pesticides/herbicides/chemicals out in the fields.

2. GMO’s are Frankenstein food stuff that has not been properly tested for human consumption.

3. These chemicals kill the soil and all micro-organisms within, damaging the ecology of the area.

4. Round up ready crops and the chemicals that are required by law to be treated with are killing off our diminishing healthy soil, weeds that help pollinators like bees, butterflies and earth worms and birds.

EPA released data this month showing that over 51% of USA water ways are now polluted with chemicals and pesticides.

What are alternatives to Round up?

* NON GMO Corn Gluten

* Dawn dish soap

* Pour boiling hot water, salt and then vinegar over weed. Let sit for 2 days and easily pull.

Search on Google and Youtube for alternitives to ***name of evil chemical here*** and you will find a wealth of useful information to save you time, money and your health!

Make grumpy cat happy, go organic! Make it a life style choice today!

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