Although some large medical sites claim that IBBS is a psychological syndrome, science now knows the real culprit, pesticides, GMO foods and other environmental exposures. Read further to find relief.

IBBS is real and a serious medical issue.

This is very long and you may not want to bother with it.  It is about Invisible Biting Bug Syndrome (IBBS), a term I coined years ago.  I wrote this blog on my website five years ago and it has generated 905 comments so far.  More people go to this on my website than any other blog.

I said before that Invisible Biting Bug Syndrome (IBBS) is reaching epic numbers.

I have received a half dozen emails in the last week from people suffering from this, and I am not a doctor! I believe, after looking at this for many years that I have an idea what the problem is. Also, I believe that the causes of this syndrome in people may also affect our dogs and cats as they are exposed to the same chemicals we are. Have you ever saw your pet scratch or just cry in pain and not have any idea what the problem was? Maybe animals get IBBS also.

If so, we need to deal with it as well.

Woman contacted me after desperately seeking help from her community

“I am being eaten alive and I have been everywhere, and nobody says I have bugs. I don’t know where to turn, who to turn to, what to do, I am so desperate. I have gone to an entomologist and he said I have carpet beetles, but he also said they don’t bite and that they are big and visible. I brought in samples of bugs that I have literally ripped from my skin and he said none of them were bugs. I am NOT crazy, I have never had a problem like this in my entire life, I don’t think I see things, I don’t hear things, I am not crazy and nobody will believe me. I am being kicked out of my apartment because I demanded they spray for these things, I have lost friends, I have lost credibility with everyone. They are little red things and they are in my bed, in my clothes, they are in my hair, and specifically, they get in my private areas. I have been to a doctor and the marks on my body resemble bite marks, but they said that if it isn’t the obvious for a doctor, which would be bed bugs, lice, ticks or scabies, then they don’t know what they are. The health department said that they don’t have a “bug man” and that I needed to take samples to the entomologist, which I did.


I will go to my grave telling people I am being eaten alive, I don’t care what anyone tells me, I know this is real My church Pastor even said he would help me if I went to their therapist, of course, they would pay!!! They have me on tranquilizers, and want me to go on an antidepressant, and my dog, who is a companion animal (I am disabled) has been taken away and is in a shelter until this is resolved, I am afraid I will lose him.  I don’t have a dime to my name from fighting these things, I buy insecticide by the case, I use a bottle of OFF every night on my body, and I am now passing out from using this DEET, they tell me not to use it, but have no alternative.  The entomologist told me that if it was a bug, he would know it, but he didn’t know it. I have literally brought a tape (scotch tape) of these things that I have ripped from my vaginal area (and I bled) to show him, and he said it was “dirt.” I am an EXTREMELY clean person, and that just isn’t true. They are even on my towels, they are in my drawers where my clothes are. The exterminator saw one once and said it was a mite, but then “changed his mind.” The entomologist said that they are NOT bird mites and he has NEVER heard of a bird mite infestation and spider mites don’t bite.  Please, please help me, I’m getting sick from this physically, my skin looks like a battle field, I can’t sleep, and everyone thinks I’m crazy. If you want samples, I will send them, but they have to be on scotch tape because they are so small that I can’t “catch” them. I will pay you what I can, I can make payments because now I have to have money to move.

PLEASE help me, I am a Christian woman, and I have pictures I can send, but I have to text them because I don’t know how to get them onto my computer from my phone, I don’t think my phone has that capability. I am not a crack-pot, I am not a nut case, I am desperate. Anything you ask me to send you to prove who I am, I will. I will be waiting for your reply, I pray to God you believe me.”

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My Response:
I am convinced after studying this syndrome for many years that it is caused by chemicals in our bodies, not by bugs or fungi. Many chemicals can interact with our nerves and send false messages to our brains. For instance, some chemicals can tell our brain something is crawling on us or biting us, and then we react by scratching, and worse yet, spraying ourselves with pesticides or chemically loaded skin products, which just exacerbates the problem. Some people describe it as a feeling of bugs or parasites scuttling around beneath their skin, accompanied by open lesions that heal slowly and ooze out blue, black or white fibers that can be several millimeters long. These fibers appear like pliable plastic. They can be as fine as spider silk, yet they are strong enough to distend the skin when pulled and elicit shooting pains when you try to remove them. Some of these fibers have been analyzed and they contain along with other substances, bovine DNA.



That means the chemicals causing the fibers probably came from drinking milk or eating beef from chemically fed cattle.


IBBS Scientist

Vitaly Citovsky, Professor of Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Stony Brook University in New York, discovered that the fibers also contain the substance Agrobacterium, a genus of gram-negative bacteria capable of genetically transforming not only plants, but also other species, including human cells.

IBBS symptoms


Here is what you need to do to try to solve this problem.

First, never expose yourself to pesticides or insect repellents that contain DEET. These products have a lot of chemicals that can harm you. If you use them, they can destroy your immune system making you susceptible to other products. Don’t let pesticides be applied in your home or your workplace and try not to frequent any public building like a restaurant that has recently been treated with pesticides.


Never eat meat from a factory farm. This means almost all meat found in a supermarket or Walmart. If you have to eat meat, eat only meat from small farms or ranches. Never eat vegetables or fruits that have been sprayed with pesticides. If the vegetables and fruits don’t say 100% Organic on the label, don’t eat them.



Don’t eat any food that contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs). One expert, Jeffrey Smith, links GMOs to toxins, allergies, infertility, infant mortality, immune dysfunction, stunted growth, and death.


Don’t consume anything that contains aspartame, such as Equal or Nutrasweet. As a result of its unnatural structure, your body processes the amino acids found in aspartame very differently from a steak or a piece of fish. The amino acids in aspartame literally attack your cells, even crossing the blood-brain barrier to attack your brain cells, creating a toxic cellular overstimulation called excitotoxicity. Also wheat, dairy, and soy contain exceptionally high levels of glutamic and aspartic acid, which makes them all potentially excitotoxic. It is quite possible these chemicals are communicating false messages to your brain, indicating biting bugs that aren’t there.

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Don’t eat food out of cans or drink water or other beverages from plastic bottles. The lining of most metal cans has a thin plastic liner that contains bisphenol-A. Bisphenol-A, or BPA, is a chemical thought to increase the risk of infertility, cancer, diabetes, and even heart disease. This chemical is also in plastic bottles. While bisphenol-A may not be directly related to IBBS, it is a chemical that can have a adverse affect on people. There is no reason to weaken your immune system with any chemicals that can be avoided.


Avoid cotton products if at all possible, particularly tampons if you are a woman. In the United States alone, approximately 600 thousand tons of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are applied to cotton fields each season. To bring this fragile plant to harvest, it is heavily sprayed 30 to 40 times a season, in extreme cases, with pesticides so poisonous they gradually render fields barren. Some of this cottonis used to make furniture, mattresses, tampons, swabs, and cotton balls. The average American woman will use 11,000 pesticide treated tampons or sanitary pads during her lifetime. Use only natural tampons.

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Don’t use cleaning products such as soaps that contain triclosan or triclocarban. These chemicals are endocrine disrupters. They are widely used in antibacterial soaps, body washes, lip glosses, deodorants, dog shampoos, and even toothpastes. Some brands that contain them are Dial, Colgate, Lever 2000 and Vaseline.


There is no guarantee that avoiding all of these products will solve your problem, but it certainly may help. It may take awhile for the chemicals to be removed from your system, so don’t expect an overnight reaction. You may have to give it several months before you see the symptoms of IBBS start to disappear.


In some cases, he symptoms may not go away. There are three possible scenarios to IBBS (or Morgellons). One could be mites in the house. If you treat the house with a non-toxic product such as Greenbug, and the problem doesn’t go away, then it is most likely chemically related as stated above. If that doesn’t produce results, then it is probably psychological, which is possible in rare cases.

You are not alone, there are hundreds of people from around the world reporting similar problems. Our world is increasingly becoming more of a toxic place to live. As a result, more and more of us are experiencing new diseases and health problems that doctors may or may not be prepared with a cure as of yet.