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Why are people so in love with their weed killers, synthetic fertilizers, leaf blowers, and pesticides?

Even with all the mounting evidence that weeds are growing resistant to weed killers and insects are doing the same with insecticides… we still hold onto the “dream” that these man-made chemicals will make your life easier, popular, prettier, smarter or envious of your community.

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We are learning more and more of farmers, landscape managers and public works departments complaining that the weed killers are not working anymore. They have been sold a lie that has made Big Ag and the Green Revolution, rich.


What is the Green Revolution? Sounds like some earth-friendly initiative… the only word that relates to the term Green in this statement, is money made on the lives of millions of victims around the world.

The Green Revolution swept across Punjab and much of Asia in the 1960s and ’70s. In the context of the times, “green” did not refer to what it means today — organic, pesticide-free farming methods. This Green Revolution was led by a loose network of politicians, scientists and philanthropists in the U.S. and other nations, driven by a combination of humanitarian zeal and Cold War-era politics.

They were convinced that if farmers in developing countries like India switched from traditional methods to the American way of farming — with pesticides, fertilizers and high-yield seeds — they could fight hunger and prevent the region from going, communist.

The Green Revolution helped India transform itself from a nation that chronically begged for food aid to one that often exports grains. But many farmers in Punjab now wonder if they’re paying a price. Listen to report here.

More and more children and adults are being poisoned by these chemicals. Why are we seeing a sharp increase in acute poisonings in the news?

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and on Fox News too:

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ALS website lists pesticides as leading link to Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Children grow up playing on soccer, softball and other sports fields loaded with toxic chemicals.

One idea that researchers offer is that soldiers on active duty are engaged in strenuous physical labor. Or, they are exposed to toxins which could play a role in ALS. The Association is helping to fund an effort by the Veterans Administration to collect information about veterans diagnosed with ALS, to shed light on possible environmental factors associated with the disease. This VA registry will also serve as a stepping stone to clinical trials. Both possibilities, of toxin exposure or the influence of intense exertion, are advanced when researchers consider the finding that Italian soccer players appear to have increased incidence of ALS. It remains unclear whether exercise is indeed a risk factor and what types of exercise may be of concern. Indeed some studies seem to suggest that a degree of exertion may be beneficial in ALS. Other ideas are that pesticides or some other chemical encountered on maintained playing fields might be involved. View website here.

All of the pesticides (weed killers, insect killers, fungicides and so on)… that we are exposed to in our life time… are passed onto our children and their children. All of the damage done to our DNA from these pesticides (yes, weed killers are pesticides) … are passed onto our children and their children.

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Why play Russian Roulette with your health, your community and the environment when we have safer alternatives that work better?

We are exposed to pesticides everyday… in places you would have never dreamed of. City parks, schools, hospitals, restaurants, health department… side walks, our neighbors yard, HOA’s and suburbs with landscaping companies who treat daily with toxic mix of chemicals never tested by the EPA, USDA, Department of Agriculture or the FDA.

Most people think, “they would have put up a sign or something, maybe sectioned off the area to let it dry.” NOPE, I wish. Most times, as soon as the chemical was sprayed in an area, the city workers leave (and do not return for up to 48 hours) but fail to leave a warning behind for the children, pets and wildlife that walk and play in the area.

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These pesticides are then tracked back into cars, homes and businesses…staying in the environment for months and sometimes years.

So, every day, you are treated with a dose of a pesticide… what pesticide? Who knows…there are hundreds that are used by home owners, schools and municipalities within our city…all at different times. You will often have a multitude of these pesticides in one area…and not one warning sign for the public.

Then, you have people who contract companies like Terminex, Orkin or my personal favorite (sarcasm here) Bizzy Bees Pest control… to come into their home, work, church, school… and spray even more of these pesticides!

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NOTE using pesticides in your home to kill and keep insects away does not work!

Read 10 Things Your Exterminator Won’t Tell You here.

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Learn how to really keep insects out of your home  without TOXIC chemicals here.

You would think, that the FDA would test these pesticides and make sure they are safe to use…but no, they accept the testing done my the pesticide manufacturers science lab as proof that the chemical is safe to use. Sounds nuts huh?

  • There’s strong evidence that long-term exposure can affect cognitive development

I think, these people that are so devoted to chemical farming and landscape maintenance have been cognitively affected by the very chemicals they use every day.

I ask, on behalf of every parent that has lost their child to cancer, STOP and THINK… use organic landscaping methods and STOP the use of synthetic fertilizers, pre emergent weed killers, insecticides, weed killers of all kinds and chemicals to temporarily kill something you think is a pest.

You may temporarily KILL a weed or insect…but, as science has proven, the pest will only keep coming back, stronger and stronger. Remember, these weeds and insects have a few billion years experience living and thriving on this planet… us humans, with about 150,000 years experience, we however will not come back. Oh, there is scientific evidence of this too. Click here.