Join over 75 concerned Reno Citizens next Wednesday at Reno City Hall for Public Comment. See details below.

reno landscapingWe must stop this blatant use of cancer causing pesticides by the city, county and state. Help show your support for a local women who was sprayed in the face by a city employee who incorrectly applied toxic chemicals near her back yard. Read more on the pesticide trespass incident here on This Is Reno website. We have the tools and resources to manage land without toxic pesticides. Lets show Reno how much we care about our community. Please show up, email the council and mayor and /or use the public comment form below. 

Your voice matters, you and your family matter!

Plan on being at City Hall by 9:30 am to sign up for Public Comment. If your too shy, or cant make it that day, you can fill out the comment form and the council will read it for you.

View online form for public comment here:

Reno City Council meeting date/location:

Date: 06/08/2016 10:00 AM  (bee there 20 minutes early to get a seat and fill out comment form at front desk)
Location: Reno City Hall, Council Chambers
One East First Street
Reno, Nevada 89501

reno woman sprayed in face pesticides

Corey Frey – Reno Resident Sprayed in Face by City Employee spraying pesticides.

Residents near Keystone Avenue are mad about a recent incident in which the City of Reno was spraying weeds.

Cory Frey says that she was hit in the face with weed killer that the City was spraying near her backyard.

“I was sprayed with a fine mist in the face and on my body,” she said. “The symptoms I experienced after the spraying were, my eyes were stinging–subsequently, I didn’t develop natural tears for about two days in my eyes–a headache came on within about five minutes of exposure, and then (I had) some coughing and respiratory irritation. Read full article here.

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