9th Annual Organic Beekeepers Mtg, in Oracle Ariz 26-28 Feb, 2016bees organic management

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Location and Registration

The conference will be held at the YMCA Triangle Y Ranch Camp and Retreat Center:

34434 S. Y Camp Road
Oracle, AZ 85623.

Click to show location on Google Maps. For more information about the YMCA, see http://www.tucsonymca.org/triangle.

Directions from Phoenix and Tucson

To Register

The fee for the conference is $200 per person, to be paid in advance. (You may also register using PayPal — see instructions below.)

Included in the fee are:

  • All presentations and workshops
  • Accommodations in lodges on site (single-sex, up to 6 persons per room, each room with own bath)
  • Six catered meals
  • Refreshments at breaks

Attendees are asked to bring their own sheets and blankets. Rental is available at the camp office for approximately approx $10 per person. For more information see http://www.tucsonymca.org/triangle.

Registrations for the 2016 conference can be sent at any time. (Early registrations are very helpful to the organizers!) To register, send a check or money order for $200 made out to “Dee Lusby” and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to:

Organic Beekeepers
c/o Dee Lusby
HC 65, Box 7450
Amado, Arizona 85645

Receipts and logistical information about the conference will be mailed in late January or early February, including more information on the YMCA and a liability release/medical form.

If you wish to register via PayPal, please visit http://beeuntoothers.com/index.php/oracle. The fee for PayPal registration is $207 to cover fees.

Confirmed speakers in 2016 include:

  • Bruce Brown, CC Pollen (Arizona, U.S.): Regulations pertaining to international trade concerning honeybees and products of the hive
  • Michael Bush (Nebraska, U.S.): Breeding and field management
  • Don Downs (U.S.): Apitherapy
  • James Fearnley (UK): Research update on pollen and propolis
  • Laura Ferguson, Director of College Mellissae and International Natural Beekeeping Federation (U.S.): History of beekeeping
  • Jacqueline Freeman (U.S.): Relational beekeeping: How to be best friends with your bees
  • Dee Lusby (Arizona, U.S.):
    • Nutritional values of honey, pollen, and propolis
    • Wrap/tie frame wiring and embedding
    • Strategies for working with bees in retirement
    • Using hand trucks and floor trucks for commercial workings
  • Benjamin Pixie (U.S.): The magic and medicines of the honeybee: Mead-making as medicine
  • Sandy Rowley (U.S.): Hela Bima World. Empowering farmers in sustainable, organic farming, without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Healing the land and pollinators, with plants. Protecting pollinators from hidden pesticides. Native pollinators and opportunities for growth.