MYTH BUSTERS & FACTS @ Reno City Hall June 8th 2016. Just Label it already! City asked to support a motion to label genetically engineered foods in the state of Nevada. Help support Label GMO Nevada.

Outrageous myths shared by Nevada Department of Agriculture, Future Farmers of America, Dairy Farmers Board Rep and Big Box Chain Store rep:

  1. GMO’s are tested by scientists, over 3000 studies. (truth, over 3k Monsanto scientists have studied their own product and submitted to our FDA who approved without question)
  2. It is too expensive for us to re label our food products as genetically engineered and would drive up the cost of foods for poor citizens. (fact, the FDA just released last month, May 2016 that all food labels are required to re-lable all food products to bold the sugar and calorie numbers on the food panel. Every food producer in the country already has to re-lable their products or have HUGE fines from the government)
  3. GMO’s allow farmers to grow more food to feed the poorest countries in the world. (fact: GMO’s are used for ethanol and processed junk foods and are not nutritious)
  4. Future Farmers of America past president said “You should trust the hands that feed you.” (all i have to say is, children of the corn is a scary movie geeeez) see below.

Please do your part. Call our city representation and ask them to do the right thing and require labeling of GMO’s in our home state.

Mayor and Council:

Hillary Schieve <>

Neoma Jardon <>  ****our Ward 5 council person****

Naomi Duerr <> announced the pesticide-free park initiative

David Bobzien <> lives in our neighborhood

Jenny Brekhus <>

Oscar Delgado <>

Paul McKenzie <>

City Liasions:

Our Ward 5 Liaison  Barbara DiCianno 775-334-3112

Calli Wilsey (775) 689-8459

Cynthia Esparza-Trigueros  775-677-6881; <>“You cant call GMO’s natural. Injecting the DNA from a crab into the corn plant is NOT natural evolution.” Sandy Rowley