Here is a short agenda of the items I will discuss tonight:

Please RSVP to meet with us at: 1:30, August 26, 3101 Longley Lane, Reno. Call 775 453 6120. 

Pesticide Free Parks

Group document you can add to here:

What are we asking from Reno and Washoe county parks department?

We are asking for Pesticide Free Parks, Bee Habitats throughout the city and transparency in regards to what, where, who, why, when and how much does it cost (or who got paid how much) to treat with pesticides in Washoe County and City of Reno Nv.

1. we need to know what is being sprayed, where, why, when, by who and how much? this information needs to be public and shared between each department and the public online. can easily be added to an online map where the public and local authorities can better track the life of these chemicals in our water, land and public areas.

2. we need protected areas at city and county parks that are pesticide free. marked as such. this needs to be an ordinance and/or law.’

3. notification alert system:  when a chemical is going to be used: we need to know when, why, where, who, how much? sent via email, text, phone call and/or with media outlets.

4.  what date can we start phasing out pesticides? what park will be the first park we convert? how can this be an ordinance/law for Washoe County?

– current trees, shrubs, plants, bushes, flowers that are GMO and/or roundup ready in public areas.

– name of vendor they buy plants, chemicals, supplies from with yearly budget of department.

– how long have they used these pesticides? is their historical data online?

We must use BEE Safe plants as not all are safe.

– Jana V. Permaculture Landscape Designer created plant list and design templates we can use throughout the city. Drought resistant, native and pollinating plants, trees, shrubs and flowers. We have close to 100 volunteers for Bee Habitat and the City has their own volunteers with Boy Scouts of America, Rotary, Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful, and other organizations.

Future Agenda Items


1. presentation with City Council and/or get on Agenda as it was unclear if this is happening. Hillary Schieve at meeting said “someone get with her and her team”…


2. washoe county health dept. vector borne division online map alert system. what, who, why, when, where, cost.


3. wchd vector borne div. text alert system and better advertising.


4. wchd vector borne div. no spray list and better advertising.


5. get together to make/build bee and insect hotels. art party! potluck fun.


6. install Reno’s first Bee Hotel at Morris Burner Hotel. Other site suggestions.


7. choose BeeHabitats first bee habitat location.


8. volunteer outreach: list of folks who can call or speak on site with local garden shops, educating them on the benefits of labeling plants that are Bee Safe.


9. Audubon Society presentation Sept 27th.


10. GMO Free Halloween


11. Queen Bee Fashion Show


12. 2015 Reno Bee Crawl approval with Reno River District.


13. Purchasing vacant lots and land throughout Washoe County and Reno Nv to install bee safe gardens.


14. Seed balls and sling shot contest.


15. Yearly Spelling Bee.


16. Golf courses, HOA, Business Landscapes, Schools and Bee Safe Neighborhoods throughout Washoe County.


17. Other ideas? Important News?