Safe & Reliable Control of MOSQUITOS

I would like to express my opinion on mosquito spraying.

First, the mosquitoes that vector WNV are in the genus Culex and these mosquitoes are poor fliers.  If  you find them in a mosquito trap by a pond, they aren’t going to fly very far and bite people unless the people are near the pond and all they have to do is wear a repellent.

If anyone has Culex mosquitoes in their yard, then they are probably breeding there in standing water someplace because they don’t fly very far. Those folks need to remove all standing water from their property.

If you are worried about Zika mosquitoes, the species that vector Zika are day biters and spraying pesticides at night will have no effect on them at all.  Some mosquitoes that are vectors do bite at night, but night time spraying kills very few of them either as they can avoid the spray and are often in areas, behind houses or other places where the pesticide doesn’t go.

The pesticide does kill a lot of beneficial insects and can have a bad effect on other animals.  (including us)

Why spray pesticides at night all over the place when Culex mosquitoes and Zika mosquitoes won’t even be affected?

It is a total waste of time and money and does nothing but pollute the neighborhood where the spraying is taking place.

Anyone who sprays these pesticides should know about mosquitoes and act accordingly, and use larvicides in certain areas and indulge in public education instead of making believe they are doing something productive by pointlessly spraying whole areas and polluting the environment and even endangering any people who are exposed to the pesticides.

Zenivex may be less toxic than other synthetic pyrethroids, but there are people who are chemically sensitive and can have a reaction to it.  If the city wants to spray these toxic pesticides, and they are toxic as it has a Signal Word – Caution.  The label also says it is very toxic to bees.

I would suggest that the city notify all of its citizens in the areas being sprayed and tell them that you will be financially responsible for any medical bills that people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) may develop because of the toxic pesticides.

In reality it is not the responsibility of any government agency to protect us from mosquitoes.  They should worry about drunk drivers and domestic abusers.  People can protect themselves from mosquitoes without government intervention.  If a government agency wants to be productive, they can treat areas where mosquitoes breed with larvicides and then educate the public.

Here is some information you can use to prevent mosquitoes from being a problem in your yard. 

First, reduce standing water where mosquitoes can breed.  Some species of mosquitoes only need a half inch of standing water and eggs of some species can hatch in a week or so.

Make sure they change any pets drinking water and birdbath water. If you have plastic tarps or plastic on the ground anywhere, folds in the plastic can gather water.  Check those areas.

Check water in bottom of plant containers, including hanging plants.  You can add food grade diatomaceous earth to any standing water to kill mosquito larvae.

It wouldn’t hurt to build a bat house and encourage bats.  A single bat can eat several thousand mosquitoes in one night.

When they go outside, wear a good Non-DEET mosquito repellent.  Here is a recipe for a very good repellent.

Combine in a 16 oz. bottle:
15 drops lavender oil
3-4 Tbsp. of vanilla extract
1/4 Cup lemon juice.
Fill bottle with water. Shake. Ready to use.

Richard Fagerlund



Honeybees are is desperate need of people to stand up, stop the spraying and take back charge of our own country.



How to Monitor Spraying Plans in Your City

I was horrified to learn how the Texan government sprayed the citizens of their own state with deadly toxins. I was impressed with a particular blogger that goes by the name of Moonlady. You can follow her initiative on her popular blog by clicking the link below.

Moonlady has done a fantastic job mapping out the aeriel spraying of counties with these toxic pesticides that are suppose to be killing mosquitoes, not humans.