How can you help protect our native pollinators?

1. Buy organic as often as you can. This reduces the pesticide loads in our communities, helping pollinators, pets and our children long term health.

2. Plant only organic Trees, Shrubs and Flowers. Ask for NEONIC free plants at your local or online garden shop.

3.  Install a bee habitat in your yard. Use native plants as well as pesticide free plants that bloom through out the growing season. Add lots of blues, purples, yellow colored flowers as bees are attracted to them best.

Want to do more to help protect our bees?

Start a phone tree and/or a Social Media blast party with friends and family.

Each person calls one neighbor and asks them if they know about the problem with our bees and other pollinators? Then share with them the 3 most important things they can do starting today to help save our bees.

Ask them to call the next person… This is a fast way to make a REAL DIFFERENCE in the lives of our children, pets and wildlife.

Thank you for your help!

Sandy Rowley


775 453 6120