bee hotels 1

After months of work, we have our first certified Bee Habitat in place.

Please come out and help us complete the Bee Hotel.

We need the following donations:

– Terracotta or clay flower pots
– Roof tiling
– Honeycombed bricks
– Breakthroughs logs
– mixture of clay and straw
– hollow steams (reed, bamboo,)
– marrow steams (elderberry, blackberry, raspberry, buddleia, rosbrush)
– straw
– very close small boards of wood
– thin rope
– little woods boards (3’’)
– butterfly attractive
– stacked dead wood
– mud

Call Sandy at 775 453 6120 or Elrick at the number below with any questions.

Galena visitor center located at 18250 Mount Rose Highway, Reno, NV 89511
(775) 849-4948.

certified bee habitat