Organic Landscaping Resources

Why We Poison Our Food (Jill Richardson)
Homes Pollute: Linked to 50% More Water Pollution Than Previously Believed (Science Daily)Organic Plant Disease Management – Thinking like a System (Extension)
Ecological Pest Management Tutorial (ATTRA)
Surviving a Plague – Matt’s Solution (

Forecasting Insect Populations Based on Phenology (Ohio State University)
Phenology and Pest Management ( ATTRA)
Temperature and Sex Allocation in Spider Mite (Michele Roy et al)
Temperature in the Management Insect and Mite Pests in Greenhouses (Richard Lindquist)

Insect & Disease Management in the Vegetable Garden (COG)
Ecological Pest Management Tutorial (ATTRA)
Soil Borne Disease Management in Organic Vegetable Production (Cooperative Extension System)
Biointensive Integrated Pest Management ( ATTRA)
Fungi for the Biological Control of Insect Pests (Extension)
Farmscaping – Making Use of nature’s Pest Management Services (Extension)
Plant Disease Management for Organic Crops (UCDavis)
Suppression of Plant Diseases by Composts (Ohio State University)
Willow Magic (Bluestem Nursery)
Downy Mildew Control in Cucurbits (ATTRA)
Organic Strategies for Apple Pest Management (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture)
Organic Alternatives for Late Blight Control in Potatoes (ATTRA)
Nematode Suppressive Crops
Biological Control – A Guide to Natural Enemies in NA (Cornell University)
Using Biocontrol Strategies for Turf – Insects (Cornell University)
Using Biocontrol Strategies for Turf – Diseases (Cornell University)
Resource Guide for Organic Insect and Disease Management (Cornell University)
Insect Traps & Barriers (Cornell University)

West Nile Virus/ Mosquito Management (Beyond Pesticides)

Natural Pesticides (Bioscape)
Bacillus thuringiensis 101 (Ministry of Ontario)
Habitats on Farms (The Dietrick Institute)
Removal of Plant Pathogens using Constructed Wetlands (Dalhousie University)
Grandma Proves Snails Have Homing Instinct (CBC)
Slugs & Snails
Managing Vertebrate Animals (University of Wisconsin)
Moles (City of Seattle)
Deer Damage Control (City of Seattle)
Deer Resistant Plants
Rabbit-Resistant Plants (Source Unknown)
Wildlife Damage Control for Organic Farmers (Montana State University)

Plant Diseases
Tree Decline – What is it? (University of Missouri)
Predispostition and Poor Sorauer (Alex Shigo)
Canker Rots and the Heart Rot Myth (Alex Shigo)
California Oak Problem (Alex Shigo)
Eradication of Phytophthora ramorum and Other Pathogens from Potting Medium or Soil with Aerated Steam or Fumigation with Metam Sodium (Linderman & Davis)
Roundup Triggers Over 40 Plant Diseases (Institute for Responsible Technology)

Symptoms of Nutrient Imbalances in Plants (Reference Table)
Nutrient Deficiencies in Plants (Thomas Wallace)
Effects of Ozone Air Pollution on Plants (USDA Agricultural Research Service)

Phosphorus – Pesticide or Fertilizer?
Compost Leachate: Pesticide or Organic Phosphorous Source? (Movie)
Coke: Pesticide or Liquid Phosphate Fertilizer? (Movie)
Saving the California Oaks through Mineralization (
Screaming Trees (
Info about 2 newly approved “pesticides” for the control of Sudden Oak Death – phosphorus fertilizers or pesticides? (Govt. of Ontario)

Silicon – What’s its Role?
Benefits of Silicon (SiLife) Also check out the other tabs at this website, and don’t miss the info re phosphorous availability!
Effects of Silicon on Plants and Humans (Laane & Witterland)