The Honeybee Observatory

coming in 2024

Honeybee Observatory in Reno

A live honeybee observatory and apitherapy experience, designed inside of a glass geodesic dome.

Press Release

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The Honeybee Observatory: A Groundbreaking Initiative for Bee Conservation and Education Launches in Reno, NV

Reno, NV – Sandy Rowley, local beekeeper and passionate educator, is thrilled to announce an ambitious new project set to revolutionize bee conservation and education: The Honeybee Observatory. This pioneering initiative aims to fund the world’s first observatory within a large geodesic dome, designed to offer visitors an unprecedented, safe, and intimate experience with a live honeybee colony.

Situated in the heart of Reno, NV, The Honeybee Observatory is not just a testament to innovation but a sanctuary where the public can engage with and learn about honeybees in a unique and immersive environment.

The geodesic dome, meticulously designed to mimic natural conditions, will house a thriving honeybee colony, allowing visitors to observe these vital pollinators up close without any risk.

One of the most exciting features of The Honeybee Observatory is the opportunity it offers visitors to breathe in the healing scents of the hive. Research has highlighted the therapeutic benefits of being in close proximity to honeybee hives, including reduced stress and improved mental well-being. The observatory aims to make these benefits accessible to everyone, providing a serene and healing space for visitors to connect with nature and experience the magic of honeybees.

Sandy Rowley, the visionary behind this project, has dedicated her life to bee conservation and education. “The Honeybee Observatory is more than just a space to watch bees; it’s a place to learn, heal, and reconnect with the natural world,” says Rowley. “We’re offering an experience that goes beyond observation – it’s an invitation to engage with and understand these incredible insects on a deeper level, in a way that’s never been done before.”

The observatory will also serve as an educational hub, offering workshops, lectures, and interactive experiences for schools, families, and anyone interested in learning about the importance of honeybees to our ecosystem and how to protect them.

With the launch of The Honeybee Observatory, Rowley and her team are poised to make a significant impact on bee conservation efforts and public awareness, making Reno a leading center for environmental education and sustainable practices.

The project is currently seeking funding and support from the community, environmental organizations, and anyone passionate about protecting our planet’s vital pollinators. For more information on how to support The Honeybee Observatory, visit

About Sandy Rowley

Sandy Rowley is a respected beekeeper, environmental educator, and advocate for sustainable living and bee conservation. With numerous projects and initiatives to her name, Rowley has been a pivotal figure in promoting awareness and action towards the protection of pollinators and the environment at large.


Sandy Rowley