If you accidentally touched some Poison Hemlock, you should be fine.

However, as with any toxic plant, you should be mindful of these important items:

  1. How long was your exposure to breathing in the air around a forest of Poison Hemlock?
  2. How hot or cold was the temperature at the time of exposure?
  3. Were you exercising and had your heart rate higher than normal?
  4. Were you or someone burning Poison Hemlock plants within close proximity?
  5. Did you sit or lean up against this toxic plant form for more than a few minutes?
  6. Are you having breathing difficulties of any kind?
  7. Do you have a rash?
  8. Do you feel faint or nauseated?
  9. Do you have diarrhea?
  10. Do you feel dizzy?

Breathing problems and rashes of any kind should always be checked out at your local ER asap, immediately.

Small amounts of this toxic plant have killed large animals.

Poison Hemlock Rash

Poison hemlock rash

If you had not eaten any part of this plant and do not have medical emergent symptoms, you should feel better after 24 hours of rest.

If you breathed in the fumes of burning Poison Hemlock plants, you must go to the ER at once.