Join the Worker Bees!

Help save the bees.


Do your part. We need buzy bees for outreach, events, parties and gardening.

We need worker bees to help save our local pollinators, honey bees as well as other beautiful insects.

Art shows, pot lucks, walks, fashion shows, spelling bees, bee hotels, planting bee habitats and more. Come join the fun!


Please email sandy @ bee habitat  .   com   or call 775 453 6120

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One thought on “Join the Worker Bees!

  1. Brian Eubanks

    My name is Brian Eubanks. I am soon to be a former plant doctor and horticulture consultant of Moana Nursery. have decided to leave Moana Nursery because of some environmentally irresponsible policies. I have experience as a Department of Agriculture certified chemical applicator, I am an ISA certified arborist and serve on the Reno urban Forestry Commission. I would like to become more involved in the issues associated with preserving and protecting our bee population. Please message me with any information you may have.

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