Today was a super busy and exciting day.

A sweet couple in Carson City Nevada called asking for help with the swarms of honeybees that were hanging out in their backyard.

There must of been at least 30,000 honeybees hanging in their pine tree. Two huge honeybee swarms were swaying in the tree just a few feet from their back porch.

“Most honeybee swarms are harmless. The problem is that you never know until you start working with them, which they are.” Sandy Rowley Natural Beekeeper located in Reno Nv.

Most Spring days, you will find one of her volunteers working to save swarms of honeybees throughout Northern Nevada. The volunteer team have been working to protect pollinators in Northern Nevada for over 4 years now.

Sandy Rowley, lead bee keeper at

“We will safely relocate honeybees from your property. Most honeybee swarms can be relocated safely, but some honeybee infestations will require more thought and preparation.” S. Rowley

Not all honeybee re-locations are created equal. If you have honeybees inside of a structure, we might need to call a handyman to either cut out a part of the wall or structure allowing us safe access to remove the hive, comb and honey.

It is important to remove the wax, comb and honey if inside of a structure. Leaving this inside will attract bears, raccoons and other wildlife. Even if you have the honeybees sprayed with a pesticide, it will still leave the honey and comb in the structure, attracting a variety of wildlife.

The most eco sensible thing to do, is to completely remove the honeybee hive, wax, propolis, honey and structure to prevent future damage to the property.

Most handyman services can cut open the structure, then come back and repair after the bees are safely removed. You must have a honeybee relocation expert on site during this process.

Captured two honeybee swarms today in Carson City Nv. Took about 4 hours, total, to catch the swarm and then relocate to a safe area out in the desert.

More and more people are understanding the plight of our pollinators and are opting for natural solutions, over using conventional pest control companies to kill these bees.
“The types of people we work with, are kind and responsible members of our community who deeply care about the planet and their place in it.” S. Rowley

Most Swarms are harmless, but they will sting if feel threatened. Today I got a good sting on the side of my head after a honeybee got inside of my Beekeeper mask. Luckily, the other bees were more docile after a while.If you see a swarm in your yard, make sure to keep your distance, keeping your pets inside until the swarm moves and/or is relocated by a professional.If you would like to have us relocate honeybee swarms from your property, please call or text Sandy at 775 453 6120. You can also call her on her cell at 775 870 0488.

Donations are accepted to help cover our cost of equipment, gas and time. A sliding scale fee of $125 to $850 is suggested.