SANDY ROWLEY: THE BEE LADY OF RENONews Source : 14, 2017 • Reno, NV

It’s not everyday that a citizen, however concerned and dedicated, can get any level of power – public or private – to change course, even when it’s a matter of the common good. Meet the incredible Sandy Rowley, a gentle powerhouse of commitment when it comes to nature and public health. Sandy spearheaded the effort to get the city of Reno, NV and its parks department to create pesticide-free city areas and parks. After a couple years of researching the issue, getting like-minded folks together, insistently making phone calls and speaking at city council meetings, Sandy has put Reno on the map when it comes to pesticide-free parks. She didn’t do it all alone, but most folks in Reno credit her for setting a process in motion that’s now a national example of successful environmental activism.

Respectful Revolution Founders


An independent journalist and documentary filmmaker, Gerard studied English and Economics at the Sorbonne and served in the French military for 5 years. He moved to NYC and started Free-Will Productions in 1995. His hard-hitting documentaries have premiered around the world (Hidden Wars of Desert Storm, The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror, Plan Colombia: Cashing-In on the Drug War Failure). Witnessing firsthand the human and environmental toll of greed and carelessness led him to advocate for the respect of human dignity, nature and the world. A co-founder of the Respectful Living Institute, Gerard is happy to call Chico, CA home.

The founders of the Respectful Revolution


A native Northern Californian, Stacey received a BA in Information & Communication Studies from CSU Chico. After living for two years in Japan and six on the island of Maui, she and her two daughters now call Chico home. When her partner, Gerard, a 20 year resident, was prevented by U.S. Immigration from returning home in 2010, her combination of life experiences culminated with the “Bring Gerard Home” fundraising and legal campaign. She most recently worked as Music Director at her community radio station, KZFR 90.1 FM. Dedicated to promoting love, kindness and respectfulness, Stacey is a passionate co-founder of the Respectful Living Institute.

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